Escaping Reality is Not a Sign of Cowardice, In Fact You Should Do It More Often

I asked 11 people from my circle of influence about their modes of “escape” and the results are intriguing

Edneil Jocusol


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My sweat is dripping from my scalp down to my neck. It was one hell of an afternoon, I reckon while staring blankly at my long list of To-Do items for the day.

The sweat is not caused by the humid weather in the Philippines. I feel like it’s from my brain cells dying every minute I try to figure out how to escape the endless rat race I’m supposed to run.

Jotting down what needs to be done is easy. But getting out of the hole once you get all caught up doing the actual work is another confusing paradox. What would I do to get a quick break (from the many options available out there) and how the hell do I try to get back and continue the momentum just like how I left it?

Escape Room 2023

I figured there were a lot of activities I could do to keep my brain functioning — a Netflix series, a cup of coffee, my favorite Spotify playlist, or a quick walk outside our house to just say hello to our village’s trees and plants along the paved road.

Don’t get weirded out! I really do talk to plants and everything green from the ground up I see on my way. I don’t know, plants make me feel unentitled and humbled knowing that they came first before us, humanity.

If time and gasoline permit, I would drive to a nearby town to walk barefoot on the beach sand. I’d also stare infinitely at the waves of the sea to relax my strained eyes from my laptop screen. I love how that vast giant body of water can just calm down and control its immense power from destroying all of us, tiny Homo Sapiens, and erasing all of us from the face of the shore.

I had this mentor before who told me that the reason why we, human beings, are so attached to the sea is because it’s our home. It makes us “feel at home”. When we were unborn fetuses, we swam inside our mother’s amniotic fluid which has almost the same salinity (salt content level) as that of the ocean.

Moreso, our body is made up of about 60% water. Thus, whenever we see the ocean, it…



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