“Hustle” Culture is Not For Everyone

Try monotasking and intentional living instead

Edneil Jocusol


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Why are we so heavily invested in the culture of “hustling” these days? From my vantage point, I can see two polarities: one where the hustler literally died due to a stress-related heart attack, and the other one where the hustler earned millions from multiple streams of income.

BUT BE WARNED: This is not a “choose-your-poison” challenge.

I believe in the concept of the colors between black and white. Ultimately, “hustling” is a complex culture that sprung up from the need to escape the poverty rat race.

This hustle culture is also made even possible by the latest technologies that allow us to: (1) remotely work from home, (2) legally work on multiple jobs, (3) dictate our own rates, (4) network with different people around the world, and (5) live a comfortable lifestyle in which, for instance, we can purchase whatever, whenever, and wherever we want.

However, most of us are in the middle of that career crossroads — a track leading to either death or life. Luckily, there is an option not widely accepted by a society that is always in a “hurry” — monotasking.

Before we dive deep into that not-so-new concept, please allow me to present you with a quick personal case study.

Stability is a Thief

I recently resigned from a US multinational research and development (R&D) and manufacturing firm as a senior project manager. Somehow, it’s liberating. But for some genuinely concerned friends and relatives, I wasted a precious opportunity for financial stability and career growth.

It’s easy to understand where these worries and doubts are coming from, on a practical level. We all have been struck with a black swan of an event we didn’t see arriving— the pandemic. Having a stable and solid foundation to bounce back on when financial frenzies happen is the lesson we perhaps learned.

But in my lens, it’s different. Outside my corporate window, I saw a plethora of opportunities for multiple sources of income. I chose an…



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