Black, White, and the Shades Between

My generation thrives in the gray area of extremes. It’s more than 50 shades of grace, truth, and story. Yet it annoys the elders.

Edneil Jocusol


In Metaphysics, the law of impenetrability says only one thing can occupy one place at one time. But in my reality, this space does not exist.

I am an Asian millennial.

A tech startup founder.

An engineer by profession.

A postgrad student at a top university.

And now I am here. Sitting in front of my computer. Browsing jobs. Sending CVs all around the world for a remote work-from-home (WFH) job opportunity (‘coz that’s the trend, right?). 197 applications sent and counting. Rejection emails. Calls for a series of interviews. Ghosted for two weeks or more. Busted. Slept myself in silent tears. Then apply again tomorrow while doing side hustles. The rejection made me numb. The light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere to be found. Man I look so dumb.

And yes, we are the generation that never sleeps. Because Gary Vaynerchuk tells us to grind and work while everybody else is sleeping. Elon Musk inspires us (though he doesn’t know it) that we can build a billion-dollar empire called Tesla if we set our social lives aside. They are the epitome of success. They set the bar so high my generation kills for it. And those few of us who have attained these marvelous heights have paid the great price. To what cost?

The competition never ends.

Ten years ago, possessing a bachelor’s degree is enough to launch someone into higher corporate roles. Now it seems that a master’s degree is the minimum to get paid decently. The requirements have been upgraded. Yey. Everybody else is thinking to get a PhD instead.

The search for my own space becomes an art of multitasking.

The theory of the multiverse is not a theory anymore. We are inside it. On top of it. Beyond it. Holding it. We are the multiverse.

Tik-tok. Tik-tok. Tik.


In this piece, I want to tell a raw story of living the life of a millennial. Most of all an Asian millennial. In…



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