In a world where uncertainty reigns, everything is possible.

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The Philippines (PH), a country with over 108 million people and a median age of only 24.1, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority, is ripe for smart millennials who want to change the world through businesses, most particularly “startups”. However, very few have reached the “unicorn” status, if not countable by a three-year-old kid. And that’s a staggering “one” which is the Revolution Precrafted with Robbie Antonio as its CEO. This company is like the IKEA of the Philippines which aims to deliver prefabricated modular luxury homes to its customers.

Surprisingly, the only startup unicorn in the Philippines has faced…

In the race called survival of the fittest, the one who learns to bend reaches the farthest

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Let’s face it. The Philippines is a sleeping giant of technological spillovers (Aldaba & Aldaba, 2010). Our people’s skills are competent with that of Western powerhouses. Unless this statement is challenged, our country would never realize its full potential. We are Maharlika. Long before we were colonized, the Philippines had its kings and queens. We have huge deposits of gold. Our people are highly-educated. We fought blood war with pen. We are highly civilized. We were. Back then.

And now we are at the mercy of the powerful nations. The Koreans look down on us because of our colors. The…

How do we make sense of the uncertainty around us?

Quantum physics human brain waves fractal
Quantum physics human brain waves fractal
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A pandemic on this scale is never an accident. It is meant to happen, we just don’t know when.

The pain of death for the fallen victims of the coronavirus is excruciating. Not to mention the hole it left in the hearts of their bereaved families and friends. From a daughter who lost a medical frontliner mom, to a parent who was never allowed to visit his son in the COVID-19 ward, only to come back as ashes inside the urn. This black swan of an event is utterly devastating. No matter how hard I carefully try to rephrase my…

Mother and son playing bubbles
Mother and son playing bubbles
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And I hate that I’m wrong about everything

In a 2016 Netflix documentary film, I Am Not Your Guru, Tony Robbins delivered a piece of brutal advice to an audience. Excuse the profanity, but this message couldn’t be any more realistic.

“If you’re gonna blame people for all the sh*t, you better blame them for all the good too. If you’re gonna give them credit for everything that’s f*cked up, then you have to give them credit for everything that’s great. Blame elegantly, blame intelligently, blame effectively. Blame at the level of your soul, not at the level of your f*cking head. …

The greatest island party turned out to be a scam. Here’s how to protect your startup from potentially becoming one.

A topless man stands on the edge of the yacht while waving his backpack
A topless man stands on the edge of the yacht while waving his backpack
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I get it. We are the generation who wants to change the world.

We build apps and go against the norm. We redefine new ways to make things easier. We create unconventional businesses out of thin air — hoping that one day it would become the next Uber or Airbnb. We have this somewhat of a rebel instinct inside us to challenge the status quo.

As a startup founder myself, I couldn’t relate more. This pandemic crisis has given my cofounders and I a double-edged gift of time. One that hurts. And one that builds. …

Military strategies that make any writing piece phenomenal

A martial arts fighter stomping the powder on the ground
A martial arts fighter stomping the powder on the ground
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Every time a word comes out of the white space, a battle is won.

Since 6th grade, I’ve been competing for journalism writing contests. When I was in college, I became the first editor-in-chief of our school’s newsletter. I never stopped writing even at work when I landed my first corporate job as an electronics engineer.

For me, writing has been my battle for 16 years now.

And if this is your battle, too, this article is for you.

I may not be the most talked-about writer in the blogosphere as of the moment. But in the course of my…

We think too much of heaven, that we forget to live on earth

Naked man covering his wounded face with a gauze
Naked man covering his wounded face with a gauze
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I was raised to believe as a child that the world is evil. That singing a love song in the karaoke makes me a secular person. That the people around me who don’t have the same faith as I have is less of a righteous person than I am. That human diseases are punishments. That possessing life insurance indicates a lack of faith. That whatever I pray will always be granted as long as I believe. That I should not store up treasures on earth because everything in this world is not permanent and will soon perish. That the end…

Too kind, and you’re weak. Too smart, and you’re rude.

Collage photo of a woman with different facial reactions
Collage photo of a woman with different facial reactions
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

When I was in high school, I joined a weird Science Festival competition called Extemporaneous Speech.

In this contest, a participant will give a 3-minute talk about a random topic assigned to him. And he has only five minutes to prepare an outline. A panel consisting of three judges will score the on-the-spot speech.

My topic was surprising: Breastfeeding. This was unexpected. I prepared for global warming, pollution, and ecosystem! What do I know of breastfeeding aside from boobs, and milk, and babies? I got really distracted. When I had my turn, I was only able to talk for two…

What to do when your debit card got declined during the pandemic?

A man in suit is crying, close up face shot, showing a tear falling down on his right cheek, while he rubs his left eye.
A man in suit is crying, close up face shot, showing a tear falling down on his right cheek, while he rubs his left eye.
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There is nothing more embarrassing than to go out of a grocery store empty-handed. I remember when I got my first job, I promised myself I would never go hungry again. That I can buy whatever food I want. And yet here I am. Again. Standing in front of the sliding glass door of a grocery store. Wearing corporate sleeves with a tie, matched with black shiny leather shoes. Walking like a loser across the main road. So I could go back home. Empty-handed.

It was the 10th day of a 24-hour community lockdown in Jeddah due to the COVID-19…

I spent 8 hours playing Lumosity. It was a slap to my face.

Man choosing drinks from the vendo machines
Man choosing drinks from the vendo machines
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LOCKDOWN. Maybe this is what we really need after all.

The world is moving too fast. Being a millennial working in a corporate world, I am tired. I am exhausted from chasing everything. Sometimes I find it hard to catch up. Admit it or not — in this generation — if we move slowly we either miss out on opportunities, or we get lost.

There is just too much on the plate — career, building our own business, peer pressure on marriage, financial obligations, part-time gigs to cover up for extra expenses, setbacks, competition, name it. If we could only…

Edneil Jocusol

Tech Startup Founder & COO. Master of Technology Management postgrad student at UP-Diliman. I challenge the status quo, nudge the sphere, and that dent is mine.

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